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Benefit Corporations are different. Benefit Corporations are for-profit companies that are under obligation to consider the impact of their decisions on society, not just on shareholders. Making a radical positive impact on society becomes part of a Benefit Corporation’s legally defined goals.

We are a Benefit Corporation with B-Corp pending certification status. In the event of Exit, the founders of LORF commit to donate at least 5% of their capital gains to projects and organizations supporting Autism. LORF, on the other hand, commits to donate a minimum of 5% of annual revenue to projects and organizations supporting Autism.

But above all, in partnership with autism organizations, LORF is committed to directly developing projects that support autistic people and their families, with particular reference to the Italian concept of support for the disabled when they lose their primary carers, known as “after us” (“dopo di noi”). loveorfriends is an app that promotes social interaction by spurring people to step out of the virtual world and meet up in the real world. The loveorfriends app is particularly useful for autistics, as a lack of social skills lies at the very heart of the autistic syndrome. 

Every year, we’ll release an assessment of how we’re performing on the commitments we’ve made.

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