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Love or Friends 

Invite a friend and find out if it is Love or Friends

You've known someone for a long time: are you just friends, or could it be love?
"Love or Friends" gives you an easy way to find out!

Haven’t seen an old friend in ages?
Do not wait, loveorfriends is also the app for an aperitif or a dinner!

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1st LorF Game

Invite many friends and go out with the first to accept your invitation

Interested in a lot of girls? Invite as many as you want!
Play "1st LorF Game" and go out with the first person to accept your invitation!

Want to be sure of going out with one of your friends? 
Invite them all and go out with the first to accept!

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LorF Events

Invite many friends to an event


It’s your birthday next week and do you want to celebrate?
Invite all your friends with loveorfriends!

 - loveorfriends

WHO  |  WHERE  |  WHEN  


Decide Who, Where and When… Send your invitation!

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