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About Us

 - loveorfriends

loveorfriends offers an easy way to arrange to meet your social media friends face-to-face:
find out if what you have is Love or Friends(hip)!

No more shyness or embarrassment,

just one simple question: “Love or Friends”?

 - loveorfriends

Arrange to meet somewhere you can grab a drink or a bite to eat:  
No booking needed, just a time, a date, and a place!

Choose from millions of places worldwide:

No matter where you are, you can use loveorfriends!

 - loveorfriends

loveorfriends is LORF, an innovative start-up, which was born on the sign of love.

LORF was founded on Valentine's Day 2017.

According to legend, Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned under the Roman Empire:
he performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

 - loveorfriends

loveorfriends  lets you amend or delete sent invitations, whatever the type.
But our temporary internet concept goes one step further.
If you receive an individual “Love or Friends” invitation but decide to refuse it,  the invitation will immediately be deleted:
neither you nor the person who sent it will see it again.
If you accept a "1st LorF Game" invitation and are the winner, but subsequently decide to decline the invitation,
it will then be deleted from the sender’s screen as well as yours. 
We refer to this notion as a
Triggered Temporary Internet.

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